PharmEng Technology (Far East)

PharmEng Technology has been providing quality services to the manufacturers of health care products for over 15 years. In highly regulated industries, there is a need for experienced specialists who can provide solutions in a cost effective and timely manner. PharmEng Technology is a full service consulting firm that specializes in Commissioning & Qualification, Validation, Quality Systems, Regulatory Affairs, Engineering and Training. We provide a wide range of services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and nutraceutical industry. We are a global company and we are here to assist your company with any issue you may be facing.

At PharmEng Technology, we have a highly qualified and dedicated professional team who believes quality plays an integral role in every facet of our activities. Our international presence ensures we are current with regulatory practices and ahead of the emerging trends around the globe. Our staff brings a variety of disciplines to the table, to ensure every aspect of your project needs are met. PharmEng Technology is a multicultural company with staff all over the world servicing companies of all sizes. We are confident that we are the solution you need to operate in this highly regulated industry.

PharmEng Technology is one of the leading consulting firms in the world with offices in USA, Canada and Asia. We have developed a stable client base and provide services all around the world including USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. Click here to see our project locations worldwide.

PharmEng supports Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, Over-The-Counter (OTC), Animal Health, Radiopharmaceuticals, Clinical Trial Products, Medical Devices, Combination Products, Natural Health Products, Personal Care, Disinfectants, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) to achieve the most cost-effective way to undertake their regulatory activities worldwide. This includes regulatory intelligence and strategy, worldwide product registration, preparation of regulatory documents, in country representation, establishment registration, and post-approval submissions.

At PharmEng, we believe sound regulatory planning is the key to success in achieving optimal time-to-market of quality products. Over the years, our experts have facilitated timely license approvals and streamlined the development process of exceptional products from start-up to post-marketing compliance for various clients.